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Hello everyone, I want to answer some question about Patreon and benefits of becoming a patron.

If you want to support us you have several options for it. You can use PayPal, Ko-fi or Patreon. Patreon is a great way for you. Because you will get rewards when you become a patron.

Tiers and Rewards

patreonriers - textures - patron, patreon, free textures
patreontiers 2 - textures - patron, patreon, free textures

Tier 1: Support Us

  • This Tier doesn’t have any rewards but it is great way to show your support.

Tier 2: Texture Specialist (3$)

When you select Tier 2, you will get:

  • Google Drive Access for easy download all textures
  • You will see New Textures folder in Google Drive and you have early access of next month textures.
  • Your name will be shown under sharetextures.com 🙂

Tier 3: Texture Master (5$)

When you select Tier 3, you will get:

  • All rewards of Tier 2
  • You can login sharetextures.com with your patreon account and get access to Patron Only Textures.

First of all, you can reach every texture using sharetextures.com

This textures creating monthly based. Every month we add minimum 7 textures. When you become a Tier 3 Patron, you will get old patron only textures too.

Tier 4: Texture Knight(10$)

When you select Tier 4, you will get all rewards of Tier 3.

  • Real Texture Set packages ( Unique Textures in one folder every month)
  • .OBJ files of 3D scans

Tier 5: Texture King (25$)

When you select Tier 5, you will get all rewards of Tier 4.

Tier 4 just a way of show your generous support.

Google Drive for easy download and early access

You can watch the video and learn how to use google-drive. If you have any question comment below.

Go to our patreon page and become a patron now

Free Seamless Textures

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