What is required to be successful in 3d visualization ?

3d visualization and rendering, high quality textures

I have explained some important issues in visualization in detail in other articles, I would like to talk about some important elements that will determine our approach in this subject.

On this subject, I will tell you how to set a course.

Is Just Enough for Visualization to Know Modeling?

This situation is not only valid for modeling, but it is also only one of the first steps of visualization to know the modeling, just knowing the texturing assignment is not enough in the quality visualization of using the high quality textures well.

These situations are only a set of parameters of the visualization, it is necessary to approach the visualization with a different perspective.

Modeling, Coating Usage, Light Usage, Render Settings, Photoshop and color and light arrangements are just mold parts of this work. Although there are important steps in visualizing these molded parts, the most crucial part is the following.

Story for Visualization

The story is actually the most important part of this work, the subject we call the most important element of visualization. Why is the story so important? I feel you are asking a question.

All of the people in the visualization work, especially those in the middle and good level, use these features, which is the basic mold we have mentioned above.

Modeling, Texturing, Light Usage, Render Settings, Photoshop and make all color and light arrangements.

But the only thing that is not done is to add a story to the works and to connect it with a subject. It is important to have a dynamic that adds depth to the work.

How should the subject be visualized?

In Visualization, you can make your work look more effective by giving different dynamic effects to your works.

As an example, I will give some examples below, you can give your own work and dynamic effects according to your own views.

For example, if you model a bedroom, you can leave different effects in some parts of the model, such as using antique-style coatings, using models such as people or animals inside, and the use of fallen rose petals.

For a bath model as a different example, to use the candles in the corners, to show the effect of hot water, the reflection of the decorative ceramic texture it will be enough to decorate with different coating effects and different light sources.

It is important to create a scattered natural habitat with spilled toys and soft furnishings for a children’s room.

Naturally, naturalness is an important element, meaning that even though everything is sequential and smooth, it is a natural spread that will give us a significant result.

As a result, these processes will sit over time and give you a certain habit. If you pay attention to these important issues from your smallest jobs to your biggest jobs, your level of awareness and quality in your work increases.

By doing so, you are making an important point for your development and your work.

You may have comments about this issue, leave these comments in the comments below, you can make people read about it.

Credit: Ufuk Şen

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  1. Michael J Southcott says:

    A very helpful comment. I am a new artist

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