Quixel Mixer For Free

Quixel Mixer for free beta

Quixel’s PBR Material Authoring Tool “Mixer” is now available for one year free of charge during the consecutive beta release and as a stand-alone tool. The beta rolled out last year and is expected to replace its own Photoshop plug-in precursor “Quixel Suite 2.0”. Thus, the company also dissolves the dependency on Adobe – a wise move in response to the purchase of Allegorithmic? Among other things, Quixel has become known with the Megascans Library, which now includes other new free assets. Mixer was previously only available in combination with a subscription to Megascans.

What can the mixer do?
Mixer is the new PBR material authoring and scanning blending tool that lets you create materials as texture maps in a non-destructive, layer-based workflow. You can edit the layers with brushes, masks, sculpting tools and various parameters. PBR Textures can be exported in any format with 8, 16 and 32 bit resolution. Here’s an example workflow in Mixer:

Availability & License
Mixer will be available for free throughout beta, and is available for Windows and Mac. Upon expiration, users can purchase the tool as a $ 99 perpetual license. With the purchase of Allegorithmic by Adobe, the price model of the Substance Tools is not yet clear. Although everything remains the same for now, many are also worried about switching to a purely subscription model as Creative Cloud Integration. (Just have a look at the forum of Allegorithmic)

Quixel Mixer

Credit:Digital Production

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