New possibilities with Sketchup Pro 2019

New possibilities with Sketchup Pro 2019

The latest version of SketchUp Pro – the most popular 3D design program, is available today to users around the world. In addition to new functionalities, the development of existing tools, along with SketchUp Pro 2019, Trimble presented alternative licensing forms.
The program welcomes you with a new start screen and a new interface appearance. In a transparent window, a preview of your recent projects will be displayed, to which you will be able to go straight away. The SketchUp Pro 2019 welcome window also includes a new tab with training materials – access to the forum and YouTube channel and the latest educational platform SketchUp Campus. From the same level, the user can also manage his licenses.

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Trimble ID account
To make full use of the program’s capabilities it is necessary to set up a Trimble ID (TID) account. It is a pass to some SketchUp products as well as an account needed to store and share your projects. TID is also required to run a 30-day trial version, use educational licenses, work in SketchUp Free or purchase a program subscription. If you have Trimble ID in advance, you do not have to re-install it.

SketchUp Campus
2019 is also the year of the premiere of the official educational website SketchUp Campus, developed by the Trimble team, containing training on various topics and level of advancement. By passing courses using short films and quizzes, you’ll quickly and easily learn the basics of SketchUp, LayOut or rendering. SketchUp Campus service will be constantly updated with new content.

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Design tools
In the latest version of SketchUp and LayOut you will find new solutions and modifications of already known tools. Users can now use dashed lines in their work, allowing to simplify the 3D model or drawings while improving communication. The measurement results of the Ruler tool are now automatically displayed on the cursor, accelerating modeling.
If the file is opened in two separate LayOut instances, the program will not allow you to create different versions of the same document. Both in SketchUp and LayOut, the mechanisms for importing and exporting DWG files have been improved, increasing precision and stability while minimizing data loss. Also new is the “Export for SketchUp” function that makes it easy to transfer information between LayOut and the modeling environment. These are of course only a few of the features that appeared with SketchUp Pro 2019.

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3D Warehouse
The multi-million database of SketchUp models has been enriched with tools to help you find what you need. The user can now filter the contents of search results using categories and subcategories. This new functionality will save time devoted to the choice of models and make browsing easier.

SketchUp Licensing in 2019
2019 brings a new, more flexible licensing method and new software releases. Everyone will now be able to choose SketchUp due to the design or methods of work.

SketchUp Pro – is a classic, unlimited (perpetual) license with LayOut and Style Builder, which we have known so far.

SketchUp Pro Subscription – is a new form of licensing, in which we pay for the program activating it for one year. In addition to the functionality of the perpetual version, the user has additional solutions in the form of SketchUp on-line in the premium version and an unlimited place in the Trimble Connect cloud. In addition, he receives a browser for SkechUp Viewer mobile devices with Augmented Reality (AR) functionality and a browser designed for XR (Extended Reality) devices.

SketchUp Studio – is a new form of licensing, in which the user pays for the program for one year. This is the most extensive set of design and architecture tools. It has all the features listed in the above versions with an additional application to analyze the performance of the building – Sefair .

Important! When subscribing you do not need a standard serial number of the license. Just login to the program using your Trimbe ID.

Trimble Connect is a platform for storage and interoperability in the cloud available from the level of stationary, mobile, Internet and mixed reality (Mixed Reality). It allows users to view project information from any device connected to the Internet. It also has many tools for cooperation, for example in the form of comments, assigning tasks or checking collisions. Owners of perpetual licenses of SketchUp receive access to the Personal version with 10GB of cloud space. SketchUp subscription and SketchUp Studio have Trimble Connect Business, with unlimited disk space online

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SketchUp Viewer for AR / VR / MR  already works with all leading Extended Reality (XR) devices: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, and Windows Mixed Reality kits. Nothing stands in the way of experiencing your project on a real scale, exactly where it is to be built.

Sefair is a tool thanks to which you can analyze energy consumption, daylight or thermal comfort when designing a conceptual and schematic building using SketchUp. You will receive the results of the building performance analysis in a few minutes, not weeks.

You can use our seamless pbr textures as sketchup textures too.

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