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Lumion 2023- Exploring the Latest Features

7 months ago

Lumion has recently released its much-anticipated 2023.1 update, packed with several exciting features that can take your architectural and 3D rendering projects to the next level. In this blog post, we will delve into some of the most remarkable features introduced in this update. Whether you are an experienced Lumion user or just getting started, these enhancements are sure to make your rendering projects even more impressive.

Ray-Traced Reflections for Glass

Lumion's 2023.1 update brings a significant enhancement to glass materials with the introduction of ray-traced reflections. While the glass material is not fully ray-traced yet, you can now achieve more realistic reflections by improving ray-tracing effects. To access this feature, navigate to the Material Editor, choose a glass material from the Glass category, and explore the advanced options. Additionally, you can now increase the reflectivity slider to a maximum of 200%, giving you greater control over your reflections.

Ray-Traced Reflections for Water and Ocean

The update also enhances the realism of water and ocean materials by introducing ray-traced reflections. Lumion offers a variety of preset water materials, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your scene. Furthermore, you can fine-tune the water material's properties, such as color, density, and wave scale, to achieve the desired look. Keep in mind that, currently, Lumion's water materials do not reflect each other.

Custom Material Library

The much-loved Custom Material Library is back and better than ever. Now, you can not only save and load your favorite materials but also organize them into folders for easier access. When saving a material, ensure you adjust the camera angle to capture the best thumbnail image. You can also copy over your old Lumion materials from previous versions to maintain your material library.

Converting Materials

Collections of custom materials from earlier Lumion versions can now be adapted to Lumion 2023's material system. You can easily import your old materials into the new version, providing seamless compatibility between projects.

Material Sets

Lumion Material Set streamlines your workflow by allowing you to create and manage sets of materials quickly. You can save and load material sets, making it easy to experiment with different material variations for the same building. The ability to assign materials for different parts of your model has never been easier.

Animated Phasing

The Animated Phasing feature has received a sleek new design. You can now scroll vertically and reorder tracks by dragging them, making complex animations more manageable. Additionally, the maximum length for an animation remains at 90 seconds.

Color Correction

The color correction interface has been improved to provide real-time feedback as you make adjustments. The histogram displays changes in exposure and other settings in real-time, eliminating the need to repeatedly render previews.


Lumion has made aspect ratio adjustments more intuitive, ensuring that the rule of thirds overlay is correctly aligned when selecting different aspect ratios. This small but valuable change enhances your rendering process.

Landscape Improvements

The ocean shader on the landscape has received updates, with slider names being refined for clarity. This ensures that working with water materials in your landscape is more intuitive.


The LiveSync plugin now includes a status panel, simplifying real-time modeling and rendering. You can quickly verify the connection's status, stop or resume the connection, and select the model to synchronize, making your workflow more efficient.

Lumion 2023 update introduces a plethora of features and enhancements that cater to both beginners and seasoned users. Whether you're seeking more realistic reflections, better material organization, or improved rendering, Lumion continues to be a versatile and powerful tool for architectural visualization and 3D rendering projects. So, dive into the new features and elevate your rendering game with Lumion 2023.1!

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