How to Region Render in Vray

Region Render Vray tutorial

Perhaps each of us had a situation at least once, when the rendered visualization needed some corrections. After time, it turns out that you have to change the lamp to another one or throw away some objects from the stage. We do not always have the option of recalculating the entire render. Sometimes it happens that we do not have that time, do not want to mistreat us again on our computer, which is not with us anyway 🙂

Vray for Sketchup, whether it is version 2.0 or newer 3.0, offers us the opportunity to count the part of the scene that we will show to the program. We can find this option under a tool called Region render. It is located in the rendering window – V-ray frame buffer under the symbol of a kettle with a rectangle.

Region Render Vray 01 - blog - vray, square render, region render

How it works? “Region Render”

We have an exemplary, ready render. Let’s say that we want to render a half of the stool that will be applied to a pbr material of a different color.

Region Render Vray 02 - blog - vray, square render, region render

All you have to do is click on the Map region icon and hold down the left mouse button to select the area you are interested in. The fragment to be counted will be marked in the red box.

Region Render Vray 03 - blog - vray, square render, region render

The finished part of the render is enough to save and connect to the previous visualization in the graphic program. In this way, we can render everything, including multiple renderings of the same visualization, while changing the rendering area.

One issue that we should keep in mind is that sometimes a fragment of the rendered scene may come out darker than the visualization of the whole scene. The reason is that the program does not convert all light sources and reflections that are outside the area designated for the render. However, this is a minor inconvenience that can be easily corrected.

Try it using our free seamless textures and comment below.

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