How to make a fire in the fireplace Vray tutorial

Have you created an interior design in which there is a fireplace, which is a representative part of the house? Do you want it to add character to the interior, but the visualization comes out bland and you can not see that it burns? If you’re wondering what to do in order to make the fireplace actually look like it’s burning, read on.

In a few steps I will present how to create this effect.

We should have two textures: a fire texture and the same black and white texture

  • We create a plane in the interior of our fireplace
  • We put on the texture of the fire
  • Add an emissive layer for the texture of the fire. To do this, we enter “Add Material”. It is located at the bottom of the Vray program editor. This is the first of five icons. After clicking on it, we will develop a list of materials that we can create for v-ray. We’re looking for one called Emissive. This is the so-called emission material, that is, the surface of which will be shone with its own light.

We develop a side panel of this material responsible for settings

We change the Intensity parameters, eg to 15, but we should adjust the value to the room and mark Double Side

In addition, we have to click on the boxes located next to Emissive color and Transparency Color. On the screen above they are blue. I mark here that blue means that changes have been made to the settings under the square. In the case of an unfinished edition, we should have transparent squares, like the other one, presenting itself on the screen.

We enter the square located at Emissive color. From the list on the right, choose Bitmap.

We will open a new window in which we will be asked to indicate on the disk the file to be our bitmap. We find a fire texture in a color that we downloaded before.

In the preview, we should show the texture, loaded into the program.

We click on Back.

In the same way as above, we proceed with the square located next to Transparency color. However, in this case, as a bitmap, we choose the second texture, the one in black and white.

  • As a help for lighting, we can also put a Sphere Light in the fireplace.