How to get depth of field effect in Vray

How to get depth of field effect in Vray Sketchup

Do you want to get a depth of field effect like from a photo in visualizations? Using V-ray for Sketchup is possible! The program offers us a function such as Depth of Field, or the ability to set the depth of field while performing visualization.

This tool can be found in the Asset Editor -> Settings -> Camera -> Depth of Field. In order to be able to use the possibilities that this tool offers us, we must activate it using the slider located next to the text “Depth of Field”.

At the beginning, we have to choose the so-called Pick Focal Point, which is to point Sketchup a point in our scene that is to be sharp.

Click on the crosshair icon next to “Pick Focal Point”, the pointer will change to a purple dot, then point to the point that we want to be sharp. Let’s choose the first of the barrels, as the one to be sharp in the frame.

Now we have to adjust the Defocus and Focus Distance values ​​by trial and error.

Parameters: Defocus: 0.55; Focus Distance: 180

Parameters: Defocus: 0.7; Focus Distance: 220
Parameters: Defocus: 0.6; Focus Distance: 390,
Pick Focal Point change on the back of the barrel

Defocus – this parameter is responsible for blurring in the visualization. The higher the value, the larger the blur.

Focus Distance – the parameter is responsible for the distance from the focus point. Its change affects the first parameter and the picture may be fuzzy at lower values.

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