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free 3d models, free 3d textures has 100k+ offline collection and sharing by one by with our members models arranged in various categories like appliances, bathroom, decoration, furniture, kitchen, materials, textures, etc.

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3db3 is a free 3d models website for everyone.

Our main goal, free 3d models for all 3d artists. made by 3d artists for 3d artists.

Our website will be always free and we need your supports. If you have a free 3d model and want to share with us, first you need the register after that, you can upload in your dashboard. When you ready to share, just send it.

3db3 sharing 3d models with 6 different languages.

We already 10K+ members and still growing.

Our website daily visitors 400 people and monthly 10K-13K visitors.

It’s easy to download  3d models from our website. You need to register , activate your account and download. That’s it. has different free 3d interior models which you can download it free.

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3d model quality important for a 3d artist, So our models high-quality models for your projects. Our 3d models have texture and material settings. Just merge and click render

If you want to register now, please don’t hesitate to come and join our family

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  1. Nilson Junior says:

    Very good job developers, congrtulations!

  2. schroef says:

    Nice find!

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