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Bathroom Tile Ideas That Are Going To Be Trending In 2021

10 months ago

Bathrooms are spaces where tiles are more or less necessary.

Let us take a look at some tiling ideas for the bathroom that are going to be in trend in 2021.  

Tile trends of 2020 are still relevant, but the tiling world is going through a transition. Having to make the decision of choosing a tile for the bathroom, is not the easiest of decisions to make. It is quite hard in fact. There are just so many different options available that the decision can be very difficult to make. So many tiles are available in so many different designs that vary in form, color and also texture that many homeowners can get lost in choice.

Whereas previously tiles were just a necessity within the bathroom (or any room that is likely to get wet), nowadays it is all about following the latest trends so that your bathrooms look like they are in fashion. Practicality often comes second to design, fashion and also beauty when homeowners are making the decision to choose tiles for the bathroom. This is one of the primary reasons why many manufacturers have expanded the choices they offer to customers quite significantly. What they are focusing on is to give the customer truly unique styles for their bathroom tiling needs. They are focusing on patterns, shapes, colors and also the configuration of the tiles.

Graphic Patterns

Tiles that are accented with geometric shapes look absolutely perfect both on the floor and the wall. It can be either in delicate shades which are subtle or it may also be in contrasting colors which are bright. These complex patterns on the tiles makes you want to stay in these types of interiors for much longer.  

The popularity of these tiles are continuing to grow. From tiles that are metro to tiles of ceramic patterns, it is quite safe to say that these tiles are good for just about anywhere. This type of tile style really gives the homeowners the chance to really make use of their creative imagination or to hire a designer who can install the tiles on both the floors and walls of the bathroom in a very interesting way.   These days, the types of these tiles that we mainly get to see are the encaustic ceramic tiles.

This is a popular choice for those who are opting for patterned tiles. Porcelain styles are also growing in popularity. We think it is safe to say that you will get to see many bold prints and colors as well across the tiles within the span of this year.  

Matte Ceramic Textures

 The popularity of matte tiles has been able to keep up with the trends this year has to offer. These are tiles which have a very soft and yet a very powerful style that does not look like it is too overwhelming which is very much not like glossy ceramics. The advantage that their dullness provides is that stains from water do not remain on these tiles as it would on a tile that is glossy.

On ceramic textures that are glossy, even the smallest of spots are completely visible. This is one of the primary reasons why these tiles are so well suited for bathroom flooring and especially so when it comes to bathrooms which are particularly large. The haze that the matte tiles have makes them a lot easier to maintain. When you do go for a tile of this type, make sure that the space in which you are installing these tiles is properly lit up as these tiles do not reflect light at all.   Finishes that are glossy gives the bathroom an effect which can be best described as being a bit dramatic.

What this results in is an appearance that is very elegant and is also highly polished. This is one of the main reasons why gloss is still so popular to this day. Tiles that are glossy are particularly good for bathrooms which are not that big. This is because these tiles are known to reflect a lot of light and this results in the space looking larger than it actually is. But due to the fact that they do need extra maintenance work and they are also pretty dangerous to slip on, tiles that glossy are very often used on walls or floors in bathrooms which experience relatively lower volumes of traffic.

Neutral Light Tiles  

Designs which are deemed to be modern makes a lot of use of colors that are neutral in nature. This has remained the topic for bathroom trends in 2021. Colors which are very bright such as blue, yellow and red are not that commonly used in bathrooms and there is very little chance of them being a bright star anytime soon. Homeowners are instead falling in love with the colors which are neutral.

This especially includes neutral colors which are very light such as cream and gray. Gray colors and beige colors have both become very popular within the world of neutral colors.   If the bathroom you are tiling requires even more brightness, then you would be wise to go with white, as it is perfectly suited for that particular scenario. The bathroom was meant to be a place where people could do their business in a relaxed environment and these colors can really enhance the relaxation factor of your bathrooms. As they are neutral, they really do allow you to relax and make the bathroom a very quiet place for privacy within the realms of the home.  

Another advantage of neutral colors is that they can be used from the floor right up to the ceiling. In order to make sure that the bathroom does not become too lifeless, it is recommended that you use different shades of these neutral colors, textures and shapes in order to create truly beautiful compositions.

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