About Us

We are an architect group who work on architectural visualization and create a lot of texture while doing our jobs.

We have thought about that and want to share our personal archives. So here the sharetextures.com

Here a few things about our website and working system ;

  • We usually take our own photo shoots for textures. Nikon D90 and 35mm lens used while taking photos. Sometimes we use CC0 licensed photos to create new textures too.
  • Most of our archives were created with 4096X4096 pixels texture sets. Such as great for ArchViz.
  • We are adding new textures weekly as possible.
  • All textures on this site are licensed as CC0. If you want to learn more about CC0 click this.
  • This site is keeping alive with your supports. Thanks to all of our supporters.
  • If you want to become one of our supporters please check our homepage.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to email me at info[at]sharetextures.com



Now it’s time to look our textures !